About Us

Bu kadar yılda neler oldu?


It was established at the beginning of 2011 and completed its first investments and started production in the 6th month. Being aware of the responsibility of being the only producer of the region while growing with steady and careful steps, it has always adopted the criteria such as customer satisfaction, production according to demand, delivery on time (sometimes even achieving record delivery times with extra efforts with dedication). We provided the most accurate and rational inventory information to our customers whenever possible, trying to avoid the desired amount and prevent excessive pressure from being garbage or high customer attitude. Immediately after its establishment, it aimed to be effective in foreign trade by forcing export doors and reached 50% export level, which was one of the targets set in the first place in a short time. Considering all criteria such as quality, customer needs and industry standards, a reliable and stable manufacturer company has reached its target in our region, country and international market.